Red Stag

Kiwi Safaris - Red Stag Native to Europe and a close relative of the Rocky Mountain elk, red deer were first introduced to New Zealand in 1851.  With our mild climate, the lack of any predators, plus widespread releases, they soon established throughout the North and South Islands.  The red stag can be hunted from late February through to the end of August.  Many consider March and April the most exciting hunting, as this is when the rut is on.  The primal roar of the red stag is enough to excite even the most experienced trophy hunter!

Hunting Red Stag with Kiwi Safaris

Of all the deer species found in New Zealand, red deer are the most common; and almost always the most sought after quarry of the hundreds of overseas hunters who regularly visit our shores.  Kiwi Safaris offer the finest free range and estate trophy hunting for red stag in New Zealand.  We hunt the South Islands, on our own large private sheep and cattle properties, where rolling hill country is interspersed with clear mountain streams and areas of native forest.  The red stag is about the size of a mule deer buck, so .270 to the .300 magnums are popular calibers.  Every year we take trophy stags from about 300 SCI to 450 SCI.  In good growing years the largest stags will exceed 500 SCI. 
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